Saturday, November 1, 2008

A new post bout Mat reps.Do tag aite.Cheers.


Ps.Bare the crapness and be spared

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are going to try something new.We are going to start video posts.
This post consist of fashion(shutter glasses,old-school vintage trend and a little more).
We did this on the spot with no scripts and stuff.So yeah.
To bloggers,sorry if it's unclear.We will try to sort this out in future posts.Enjoy!!


Ps.Bare the crapness and be spared.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New vid created a few minutes ago.Haha.Starring kentil(the voice) and kental(abg hafiz).


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Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey guys,We are back.Sorry to keep u guys waiting but we are finally here.Gonna start blogging about shits soon so in the mean time,here's a couple of vids.Do mind us cause we can't sing but we wanna do it just for u guys.Sweet right?Haha.Aite.Enjoy a good laugh.We know we did.Cya.

Aye aye Cap'en


More Than Words Stupid Funny Sumbang Version


Ps. Bare the crapness and be spared.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008
Not blogging for 2 weeks

Kental(Black) and Kentil(Red)

Dear readers/fans ^_^ of kental and kentil,

Do keep in mind that we will not be blogging for roughly 2 weeks...We should have told this earlier..It's delayed till like 1week later...Haha...So it would be around 30June-15July(roughly) as it is the school holidays and kental is away on holidays.Do keep in touch after 15 July and we will try to have a new post done.

Thanks for the understanding.
From yours truly,
Kental and Kentil

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Monday, June 23, 2008
Tetek Cancel

We are getting annoyed with those longkang cancellation pictures(refer to above pic) that were uploaded on friends sharing website example myspace,friendster,facebook,ect.We find all this unnecessary as it spoils the picture.Same goes to the ones that cancel their faces and lips.You know who you are.Don't try to avoid the fact.

Reasons for cancellations:
Tutup aurat-Kalau nak tutup aurat,kenape pergi pakai baju tk senonoh in the first place.
Trend-Ikut2 orang ingat kan cool keper.
Cute-Tak cute.

We shouldn't be annoyed.We know but there a just too many of them now on the net.Where is the originality here people.To the boob cancellations,if you want to cancel yourself,might as well not cancel it or try taking the picture in a different angle.That way,it would make the world a better place.Haha.Most people who does boob cancellation wanna show they have big assets or might not have any but just do it so that people think they have big boobs.Wtf people.You can do better than that.

This post is the shortest we've done.We know.Sorry.

Ps. Bare the crapness and be spared.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Melayu zaman sekarang is the choice to be for this post.

It takes us around 4 days to update this blog because we have to research on topic(if u wanna know where we get it,please google it up).Warning to all malays that are half hearted and especially those who have asthma.Read at your own risk.Parental guidance may be advised.

We would bring up this subject as malay people are fooled by jealousy or people would say PHD(Penyakit Hasad Dengki).Seriously,we can't see malay people actually succeeding in this world.A good example are Singapore malay society where the same race tend to fight each other for even the smallest possible reason.Example,Mat Reps who will fight to get respect and to feel good about themselves.They have to sacrifice other malays to acheive this.What's the point of this act??We don't find it necassary.Why can't they just get along with each other rather then fight with each other.

There's some successful malay people in this world but you can't see malay people succ.eed.You guys wanna know why??Most of them don't share their knowledge and prefer to succeed alone.They feel good to be the best among the best ad would do everything to keep it that way.That's what we say happy sendiri,hidup sendiri,mati sendiri.Look at those chinese people.Have you guys ever think why majority of them succeed??If they succeed,they succeed together.What do we get from malayswhen sumone try to make malay succeed,they never get support from malay society.Example(Kental experienced this once),one of his friend tried to apply for this student welfare thingy(they money to students in need to support him for the polytechnique expenses)at mendaki but they rejected it because he is not in the "category of needy people" but then he seeked help from Sinda(Indian Society) and he got it.Get what we mean??Why can't malay society help it's own people,yet an indian society is able to provide for us malay people??

Malay has always been complaining and blaming that the government has been racist towards them.Whay do we have to complain where we can't even help ourselves.We should show them that we are capable on achieving greater heights.Singapore started as a Malay colony but is now controlled by chinese??Everything you do have to be related to chinese.We should get back our pride and country.We are really sad that there are only a handful of malay people in the political rank.It's also sad that only a few malay people actually get the opportunity to go to university.

Conclusion:Start over a new leaf.Take this advice.Learn from the chinese and strip them from their rank.

MALAYSIA BOLEH.Hahaha.I mean Singapore.Or as the malays say,Singapura.

Ps. Bare the crapness and be spared.

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